21-year-old man arrested for sexually assaulting woman at party

Tyler Shananaquet was arrested after a 20-year-old woman claims he sexually assaulted her at a party

A 21-year-old Williamsburg man was arrested for sexually assaulting a 20-year-old girl at a party in November.

The woman accepted a ride home with the suspect, Tyler Shananaquet. Prior to leaving the parking area of the party, the woman told deputies that the suspect sexually assaulted and physically assaulted her. She was injured in the attack.

The party took place on November 22nd in Whitewater Township of Grand Traverse County.

The Grand Traverse County Sheriff's office says the victim and Shnanaquet did not know each other prior to meeting at this party.

The victim was treated at Munson Medical Center. Through the assistance of the victim and other witnesses, a suspect was developed and he was arrested on Thursday.