3 arrested in series of home invasions

Three men were arrested for a series of home invasions affecting at least 23 apartments in the Mt. Pleasant area.

23-year-old Ryan Hones, 24-year-old Patrick Mulholland, and 21-year-old Julius Williams were arrested on last Monday after an Isabella County Sheriff's Deputy saw them stealing a flat screen TV from a home.

According to the Isabella County Sheriff's Department, the Deputy was doing property checks on Deerfield Rd when he saw a maroon Ford Taurus back into a parking spot with the driver side door open and a very large flat screen TV sitting on the ground behind the car.

When the suspects saw the deputy, they went inside the apartment and shut the door. They then ran out of the back of the apartment.

The Deputy was able to locate the owner of the car, Ryan Hones, by running the car's license plate. He was located at his residence a short while later. Upon further investigation, it was determined that Patrick Mulholland was with Ryan Hones when the apartment was broken into.

Both men were arrested and interviewed, according to police. They say that at least 23 apartments may have been broke into by one or both of the men. Police say most of the property that was stolen had been recovered, some of it in Jackson, Michigan.

Recovered materials include 6 flat screen TV's, 12 game systems (Xbox or Playstation) and 54 video games.