4-year-old hero rescues dad pinned under tree

4-year old Quillan Groenwald came to his dad's rescue when he was pinned under a tree branch. He dragged the chainsaw to him so he could cut his way out.

A Bear Lake Township man has his four year old son to thank for rescuing him.

Grant Groenwald was pinned under a tree on their property and the boy was his only hope.

The Groenwald's heat their house with a wood stove. Groenwald says he usually cuts around 25 cords of wood leading up to winter. This time, he's very thankful he wasn't alone.

â??I said I need your help. Daddy's pinned,â?? said Groenwald. â??He said I can't dad I can't help you. I said you've got to. You're the only person I've got. Youâ??re my only savior.â??

Friday morning, Grant and Quillan went out to chop wood. It was the first time the boy had gone with Groenwald.

Shortly after Groenwald started cutting up a fallen branch in their backyard, something went wrong.

â??The whole thing rolled down on top of me. It hit me in the shoulder and I have an elbow and knocked me off balance. I was trying to get away from it but I couldn't get away fast enough,â?? recalled Groenwald.

He was pinned under a massive branch. Quillan was up the hill, out of the way of the tree when it happened. His dad called out to him for help.

â??I saved my daddy's life!â?? said Quillan. â??I got to drag the chainsaw to him.â??

Groenwald used the chainsaw to cut the tree branch while he was still pinned underneath it. Quillan then helped him back to the truck.

Once they got back to the house, Quillan ran to get his mom who is a paramedic.

â??When I looked at him I knew he was injured badly,â?? said Karen Groenwald.

She's thankful only her husband's ankle was injured because it could have been a lot worse.

â??I don't know what would've happened if he would've been knocked unconscious, if the four-year-old would have known to come home. I don't even want to think about that. It's a scary thought,â?? Karen admitted.

From now on, Groenwald says he's not heading out to the woods alone.

â??[Quillan]'s going to go with me all the time now, I think. He's got to keep an eye on daddy,â?? said Groenwald.

Both mom and dad are very proud of their little superhero.

â??He always says he can't do it, and he found out he could do it,â?? said Karen.

â??He was big. He was my savior. He's my hero,â?? said Grant.

Groenwald said he would have been trapped under the branch for at least six hours if it weren't for Quillan. His wife was about to head into town for the day.

â??She wouldn't have even known where I was that she wouldn't have known where to start looking,â?? said Groenwald.

Groenwald had to have surgery on his broken ankle. He also had severe soft tissue damage to his foot. He'll have to wear the cast for at least six weeks.