$40k winning Tax Day lotto ticket still to be claimed

Mayfield Country Store staff are eagerly waiting to find out who purchased a winning $40,000 lottery ticket from their store.

Someone in northern Michigan could be $40,000 richer. A winning lottery ticket was sold at the Mayfield Country Store Tuesday.

It was part of a special raffle put on by the Michigan Lottery.

The $40,000 prize is still up for grabs, but the Mayfield Country Store's owner said he hopes it's one of his regular clients.

The Michigan Lottery gave fans a reason to look forward to Tax Day, April 15.

They launched the special $40,000 tax-free raffle where around one-in-six tickets would win a prize.

Each ticket cost ten dollars. There were nearly 700 people who won a hundred dollars.

Thirteen top prizes were drawn, but there was only one that was sold in northern Michigan.

"They don't know who it is either,â?? said Rob Shigley, who lives across the street from the store. â??I may go up there and rifle through my glove box to see if I can find 40-thousand bucks!"

The Mayfield Country Storeâ??s manager and customers agree, this is a big deal for such a small store.

"Being a small new store, it's unbelievable,â?? said Dan DeVries, one of the storeâ??s co-owners. â??Just opened in June. There's stores that have been open a long time that haven't sold the magic ticket.â??

More than 410,000 tickets were sold.

If you bought your ticket in Mayfield, you'll want to grab that slip. The winning 7-digit code is 0111118.

Last year, customers at the Mayfield Country Store were awarded around $13,000 in winnings.

The 13 top prize winners will need to schedule an appointment with Michigan Lottery Public Relations division to claim their $40,000 prizes. Their number is 517-373-1237.

All other raffle prizes may be claimed at Michigan Lottery retailers.