75-year-old man killed in standoff with police

A 75-year-old Roscommon County man was killed in a standoff with police.

A 75-year-old Roscommon County man was killed in a standoff with police.

The standoff happened on Standard near Kennedy Street in Roscommon Township.

Officials say the man had gotten into an argument with two roommates when a felonious assault took place. Deputies from the Roscommon Sheriff's Department were called to the scene around midnight after reports of the assault.

"They were able to successfully get the two victims from the scene," said Michigan State Police Houghton Lake Post Commander, John Card. "They were able to get them out of the house. They did an outstanding job getting them out of the house and to safety."

The 75-year-old man was still inside and armed.

An emergency response team made up of county officers from multiple agencies were then called to the scene and ordered the man to come outside.

"They were telling him, "Come out, we'd like to get you medical help," said neighbor, Marie Dekruger. "It got quiet and then I found out something bad had happened."

The man came out of the home around 3:30 a.m. and stood on his porch while pointing a gun at officers.

"He was asked repeatedly to drop the weapon and when he did not drop the weapon shots were fired and the suspect went back into the home, and was later found deceased in the residence," said Card.

The identity of the man has not yet been identified. Officials are still investigating the situation.

"It's not something that we ever sign on and take an oath to do, it's the last resort," said Card. "It's something that we have to do to preserve life and make sure that the citizens that we protect are served in that manner."