A Chamber Of Commerce weekend on tap

The upcoming Memorial Day Weekend is shaping up fantastic in the weather department.

It appears we are in store for dry weather through most of Memorial Day Weekend with the next chance for any rain not arriving until Monday.

As we well know, it doesn't always work out this way each year, but this Memorial Day Weekend is shaping up to be one of if not the nicest weekend we've had all spring so far from a weather standpoint.

The wind both Thursday and Friday will roll in from the north or northwest which for Thursday especially will keep temperatures down with highs only in the 50's or at warmest, low 60's. Dry weather will hang on with more clouds than sun Thursday.

Friday starts a warming trend that will peak around Memorial Day. Although winds will be northerly Friday, temperatures should climb back into the 60's with abundant sunshine all day long. That trend continues into Saturday with more sun, and temperatures climbing back towards if not into the low-70's. High pressure will hang on into Sunday as southwest winds lock in allowing temperatures to shoot into the 70's by Sunday afternoon.

Memorial Day will be a warm one, with 70's and even a few low-80's in our forecast, but the approach of a frontal boundary will allow for a few showers or thunderstorms to roll in, especially Monday afternoon.