A chilly April gives way to a warm start to May

While too cold for swimming, a summer like kickoff to the month of May makes for a great day for a stroll along the beach.

As we close the book on a cool and wet April, May starts off with summerlike warmth.

We certainly had our fair share of rain and at times snow during April across Northern Michigan with melting snow and rain leading to some minor flooding on area rivers. An interesting note, but downstate at Grand Rapids, April turned out to be the wettest April on record there, and the third wettest month overall with those records dating back to the late 1800's. Grand Rapids picked up 11.10" of rain. The wettest month at Grand Rapids was a long time ago, back in June of 1892 when 13.22" of rain fell. It's pretty clear to see why the Grand River saw record flooding this past month.

Looking forward, Northern Michigan is squarely in the warm sector of a storm system with south winds and really, not much in the way of even clouds Wednesday. As is often the case this time of year, there will be a very large temperature difference across the region with Beaver Island topping out at 55F while Grayling could push 82F Wednesday. In general, those spots closest to Lake Michigan will be cooler with inland areas the warmest Wednesday.

Much if not all of Wednesday looks dry, but after sunset a few stray showers/thunderstorms are possible with a much better chance for some light rain or a thunderstorm on Thursday, especially along/west of Interstate-75.