A coach's helping hand prepares for Boston Marathon

Coach Lisa Taylor played a instrumental role in getting Marc Schollett to run a qualifying time for the Boston Marathon. Her plan didn't end there, as she sets a course for Marc to actually run .

This April, our evening anchor Marc Schollett will be taking part in the Boston Marathon. It's been a 16 year long mission for Marc to qualify for the race, and after a successful run at the 2013 Bayshore Marathon, he is finally headed east to take part in the event!

As part of his training to qualify for Boston, Marc did something he had never done in his running life. He got a coach. Lisa Taylor has been helping runners of all skills and experience levels reach their goals. She coaches a variety of runners from those taking part in their first 5k to runners looking to race their fastest marathon.

A running coach does much more than just watch you run and give you pointers. Lisa explains "What they are going to do if they hire a coach, however much money it costs, is they have someone who is going to touch base with them every week and hold them accountable."

A running coach provides a customized training plan for each runner, considering her client's work schedules and time that can be utilized for training to make sure that the goals can be reached without the runner loosing interest or a good balance in their lives.

While there are a million different training plans online that can get a runner to their goals, Lisa points out that a coach who you can touch base with once a week provides something the web can't, a instant solution when the plan gets derailed. She says "you are going to get is a relief, when you talk to your coach and they say "hey it's ok, here is what we can to have an immediate solution to a problem you may have run into."

Lisa believes that runners just starting their journey can benefit tremendously from a coach's input. The knowledge passed along can prevent injuries, overcome frustrations, and lead to a life long love of the