A foggy morning will give way to sunshine

Northern Michigan woke up to a layer of fog Wednesday morning, but the afternoon looks to be sunny and bright.

Our viewing area is sandwiched between two fronts - one to the north in Canada, and another draped across southern Michigan. A low pressure system is riding along the southern front, and as it exits eastward it will take the any remaining rain from Tuesday with it. The northernmost front will stay in Canada as high pressure builds in over the Great Lakes.

This means although we're beginning Wednesday with a bit of a cloudy gloomy look, we'll see more and more sunshine throughout the day. Winds will be northerly at 5-10mph, and afternoon highs will once again be above normal in the 80s.

Wednesday night will bring more fog to the region as skies clear out, causing Thursday morning to be another one where you may need to take a few extra minutes for the commute.

Highs will stay mainly in the 80s until Labor Day weekend when we'll see lots of sun - but highs will remain around 70 degrees.