A frosty start to Tuesday leads into a warming trend

Lots of sun and blue skies in the forecast

We started Tuesday pretty chilly, but we're headed for a warm up this week.

High pressure is near the Lake Huron/Canadian border Tuesday morning, but is slowly pushing eastward. It will still let us enjoy another day with a ton of blue skies, and kick off a boost in temperatures.

Tuesday morning low temps were in the upper 20s and low 30s across the area inland, with more 40s towards the lakeshores. As the sun rose we started to see a nudge quickly, and that will continue. Highs Tuesday will be in the 60s for almost everyone - some may hit 70 in the afternoon. Winds are southerly at 5-10mph.

Tuesday night will bring a bit more cloud cover and most will only drop to the 40s.

Wednesday is when our next system starts to edge in - a warm front, with clouds and showers out ahead of it. We'll start the day with plenty of sunshine, but expect more cloud cover as the day continues. There is the slight chance of a shower passing through later in the evening, but most of Wednesday will be dry.

The chance of rain will continue into Thursday and Friday, but we also see a heat wave come with it. Behind the warm front, temperatures Thursday will be in the upper 70s to mid 80s. Average high temps for this time of year are near the mid 60s for comparison.

Enjoy the warmth, because the cold front will then pass through bringing us right back to a fall feel for the weekend - looking at a mix of sun and clouds and 60s for the weekend.