A messy mid-week of weather ahead

After a couple days of quiet weather, more wintry mess will make its way into the forecast.

High pressure located directly over the Northern Lower Sunday evening will continue to move toward the east coast. This will give northern Michigan clear skies Sunday night and very light/variable winds. Don't expect to be out star-gazing too long unless you're well bundled up - temps across the area will be below zero (closer to zero near the lakes, closer to -15+ inland).

St. Patrick's Day will kick off with some sunshine but cloud cover will increase across the area throughout the day. Layer up the green as highs will be in the 20s - with a SE wind at 5-20mph giving us wind chills closer to 0, if not a little below.

We stay dry through Monday and most of Tuesday. We'll be warmer Tuesday with afternoon highs in the 30s and 40s, but along with the warmer temps comes precipitation.

After dinner Tuesday we'll start to see the first rounds of rain, wintry mix, freezing rain, and snow enter the area from the west. This will spread across Michigan during the late-night hours, with temps dropping to right around freezing. Although we look to get a break Wednesday morning, low pressure will be crossing right through the L.P. - so expect scattered rain, mix, and flurry chances to continue throughout the day.

Even if you don't see a lot of falling precipitation during the day, keep in mind - temps will drop at night, so the snow that has melted will freeze - and we may have icy sidewalks and roads heading out the door in the morning.

Between this passing low pressure system and another that will arrive later in the workweek, we look to end the week chilly and keep a chance of snow in the forecast.