A rainy Sunday and Monday for northern Michigan

A rainy couple of days are in store for northern Michigan.

We have a low pressure system that will cross eastward through Canada to the north of Michigan, dragging a cold front across the state Sunday. The front will become stationary until another low pressure system kicks it eastward on Monday - tracking right across the L.P. These systems will keep rain in the forecast both Sunday and Monday.

Rain will start late-night Saturday for the E. U.P. and straits, and dip down into the Northern Lower by the time those sunrise services begin. The E. U.P. and inland Northern Lower areas may see some freezing rain, so give yourself extra time if you'll be on the roads Sunday morning.

Rain will then continue across the northernmost counties through brunch, stretching into the Central Lower in the afternoon. Highs Sunday will be in the upper 40s for the E. U.P. to the upper 60s in the Central Lower.

Scattered showers will then stay with us throughout the evening and into Monday morning, when many of us in the Northern Lower will have a rainy morning commute.

Monday will be a cloudy, rainy day. We'll still have temps in the 50s and 60s, but keep the umbrella with you - especially in the L.P. Expect soggy after school activities and many will also have a rainy drive home. Showers wind down in the evening as the system moves into Canada, and we're left with just clouds overnight into Tuesday.

Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday will then bring temps around 50 degrees, but sunny skies.