A record cold spring now in the books for some

Gaylord, seen here in winter, saw the coldest spring on record there.

While we are in the month of June, the final totals for meteorological spring are in and show record cold this past spring.

Meteorological spring are the months of March/April/May in the weather world, and although it was a warmer end to May, the overall spring was a chilly one. According to the National Weather Service Office in Gaylord, it was the coldest spring on record for Gaylord with Alpena and Houghton Lake seeing a top 10 coldest spring.

Gaylord had an average spring temperature of 35.9F which was a good -4.8F from the 30-year average of 40.7F. Although it was cold, Gaylord actually came in about 7" below normal in snowfall for the spring months.

Alpena saw their 9th coldest spring on record and Houghton Lake was close behind with the 10th coldest ever there. Traverse City and Sault Ste. Marie did not break into the top 10 coldest.

While every single spot mentioned above was below normal in temperature this spring, every single one ran a surplus in precipitation, although much of this fell as rain as only Sault Ste. Marie saw above normal snow for spring. At Traverse City, 10.09" of rain/melted snow came down which was a good 2.38" above normal, good for the 7th wettest spring in Traverse City history.

Looking ahead, temperatures much of this week will remain in the 60's with 70's returning to the area by Friday.