AC PAW in search of a central location

GRAND TRAVERSE COUNTY, Mich (WPBN/WGTU)-- If you’re looking for the Antrim County Pet and Animal Watch, better known as AC PAW, you can find them in many places, such as the home of treasurer Gail Maison, who houses upwards of 9 cats at a time, and also uses her barn as the main storage area.

"Pardon the mess," Maison said as she walked through her barn, filled to the ceiling with pet supplies. "We’re overflowing, and that’s why we need a building so badly.”

Another AC PAW location is Petsmart in Traverse City, where volunteers run the adoption center.

"Were spread over I don't know how many buildings," said volunteer Jan Ross, as she stood in front of the small adoption center inside of Petsmart. "You know stuff here, stuff there, there’s really not very much room for stuff here.”

Down the road, veterinarian Sara Lint also houses and treats animals for AC PAW, but even that is nearing it’s limit.

“We don't have enough cage space to offer both isolation for the AC PAW cats, and still be able to serve our own patients," said Lint. "We do the best we can, but there’s a larger need than we can fulfill.”

Inside of Petsmart, Maison and volunteer Ross are setting up the adoption area, which seems to have collected a few donations overnight. Although it’s still a long way from where they hope to be.

“We’re looking right now, anywhere between 200 and 300 thousand dollars to get this up and running and where it needs to be,” said Maison.

AC PAW has no timetable on when they hope to have a building selected and the funds raised, but Maison says they hope to find a spot in the Traverse City area.

If you would like to volunteer with AC PAW or donate to the project, you can find more information on their website

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