After four decades, a fallen soldier's medals finally come home


medals in near perfect condition


stored away in a trunk and lost for 42 years.


hey belong to
Doug Tanner, who died in vietnam, but his time in the service was somewhat of a mystery. Until this box of medals was delivered to his brother Mark's Alanson home.


We didn't expect these, we probably should have by talking to other
Army people, we probably should've known there should be medals out there," Mark Tanner explained.



Heart, Bronze Star, and an Army Commendation medal were all hidden away with documents and pictures describing Doug's time in the war. All buried deep in an Army supervisor's personal belongings from his time at a post in Sault Ste. Marie. In September, the supervisor's daughter found these medals at her father's home in Georgia and wanted to finally deliver them to the family.


aybe she knows more about these papers and medals and stuff, there may be something else out there and I'd like to know and thank her very much you know this is a very nice thing she did

," Julia Tanner said.


Mark and his wife Julia, one main question still goes unanswered. Why did the supervisor keep the medals for 42 years? They have their own theories, but for now, they are just grateful that they can honor this fallen soldier with the medals he rightfully deserves.


They're medals


but they have great meaning. They are earned but no


awarded for nothing. Doug definit


ly earned these medals

," Mark Tanner said.