Airline taking 'short break', canceling all flights out of Pellston airport

The Lakeshore Express, which makes half a dozen flights to Detroit and Chicago, will not be operating flights out of Pellston any longer.

A Northern Michigan airline announced it is talking a "short break" and is cancelling all future flights.

The Lakeshore Express, which makes half a dozen flights to Detroit and Chicago out of Pellston Regional Airport, made the announcement Tuesday on social media.

The staff was surprised to hear the news and thought it was an April Fool's joke. In fact, a phone call from UpNorthLive was the first the staff had heard of the news.

The message, posted on the Lakeshore Express website, says the company has cancelled all flights because it is looking for a new operating partner. Full refunds will be given to anyone who has already purchased a ticket.

This means there will be no more flights traveling from Pellston to Chicago.

"The more service the better," said Kelly Atkins, Pellston Regional Airport Manager. "Any options that you have for flights out of our airport whether it be commercial or private is greatly appreciated and we are sorry to see it go for the time being."

The company told the airport manager that they hope to find a new operating partner very soon and would like to start offering flights again in the summer.

Until then, the Pellston Airport will only offer flights to Detroit.