Anglers take a stab at sturgeon

Hundreds of fishermen will be on Black Lake tomorrow fishing for sturgeon.

Fishermen from all across Northern Michigan are getting ready for their chance to catch a pre-historic fish.

The sturgeon is a huge prize than any angler would be proud to catch and many will wait to see if they can snag one this weekend on Black Lake.

Rob Northrop is one of those fishermen and while he hasn't caught one in the past, he thinks this year is his year.

"I mean's it's the luck of the draw," Northrop says. "You've got a lot of people come out here and never seeing a sturgeon."

Northrop and hundreds of other anglers will patiently wait to see if a sturgeon will pick their bait. Only six will be lucky enough to claim the prize.

"You just got to be here that's all you can do," said Jay Woiderski. "Everybody plays the same game, just show up and spend out time."

Lake Sturgeons are Michigan's oldest fish. They are known to weigh more than 100 pounds and can grow up to five feet long. Because of how rare the fish are, the Department of Natural Resources has been working to rebuild the population that was, for the past several years, shrinking.

This controlled hunt gives anglers a chance to bring home a prized catch.

"They're very iconic, majestic animals," said Brenda Archambo, of the Black Lake Sturgeon Shivaree Organizer.

The hunt starts tomorrow morning at 8 am.