Anonymous donor covers cost for new cat kennels at humane society


It was move-in day for the cats at Cherryland Humane Society on Monday, as volunteers worked to assemble some brand new kennels.

The kennels cost around $48,000 and every single penny was paid for by a generous anonymous donor.

The new state of the art kennels include shelves so the cats can climb and perch, along with a plexiglass screen to protect them from the spread of disease, and a separate space for their litter box.

"They love it," said Tia Barbera, Kennel Tech Behaviorist for Cherryland Humane Society. "We've had several cats just perching on the tops. They've been exploring more. They have almost double the amount of space that they've had so it's absolutely wonderful. We could not be happier for them."

The new kennels also allow volunteers to clean out their spaces without having to remove the cats and disturb them.

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