Another taste of Winter

Northern Michigan will see another quick taste of winter before warm weather returns.

Low pressure is currently located to the NE of Lake Huron in Canada, cold front draped across eastern Michigan through the Ohio Valley. Because of this, we've seen a bit of sun Saturday, but also rain showers changing over to wintry mix and scattered snow.

Heading into Sunday morning, some in Luce County, especially nearest the lake, will wake up to a few inches of snow on the ground. Luce County is under a winter weather advisory until 8am Sunday due to 1-4" of wet, heavy snow possible, NW winds gusting in the mid 40s, blowing and drifting snow, reduced visibility, and slick roads. The high winds may also cause tree branches to break and scattered power outages. Be wary if you are traveling near Lake Superior, and particularly along M-28 - travel may be hazardous at times.

Winds across Northern Michigan will be out of the NW at 10-30mph with gusts in the mid 40s Sunday. High pressure then moves in, which will dry us out and cause the coldest night of the week. If you have sensitive vegetation, make sure to cover your plants or bring them indoors - widespread frost is expected Monday morning. There is the possibility of damage to buds and flowers on the fruit trees. As of now, there is a freeze watch for all of the L.P. Sunday evening through Monday morning.

Just an fyi - a freeze around this time is not so unusual. In fact, for Northern Michigan, the median date for the last 32 degree freeze is around May 21-31 (source: NOAA).

Sunshine will return Monday, along with high temperatures closer to 50. The warming trend will then continue, hitting near 60 Tuesday. Late Monday is when our next system arrives, and being a warm front will bring rain. We'll see some sun, but the chance of rain, and possible thunderstorms, will continue into Wednesday and Thursday.