Another winter storm to strike the area with ice and snow

Rain and freezing rain Monday night will switch to all snow Tuesday along with strong winds.

Northern Michigan will brace for yet another round of messy weather which will lead to problems once again on area roads Monday night through early Wednesday.

Winds Monday have gone southerly ushering in warmer temperatures than we saw over the weekend. Many spots will spike back above the freezing mark Monday with the weather in general pretty quiet. In fact, a few peeks of sunshine are possible.

Monday night clouds will lower/thicken with a messy combination of rain/freezing rain and snow developing. At this point, it appears that snow will be most likely in the Straits/Upper Peninsula with freezing rain and plain rain the further south one goes. All in all, roads areawide will become messy and slick after 6-7 p.m.

By Tuesday morning, a strong cold front will cross quickly switching any rain over to all snow with winds ramping up. In fact, the center of this storm system will be sitting right over us and will be strengthening with time Tuesday. As a result, snow will continue to pick up with strong winds leading to blowing snow and at times near the Great Lakes, near whiteout conditions expected later Tuesday. Given the fact that rain fell in places the day before and with falling temperatures, a layer of ice is expected underneath any snow that comes down. Travel will be a rough go for many of us Tuesday through Tuesday night. Winds will lock in from the northwest gusting up to 40 mph.

Lake effect snow will gradually end by midday Wednesday as drier air arrives from the west. While snow totals will mainly range in the 2-5" range, pockets of heavier snow are possible downwind of Lakes Superior/Michigan and the strong winds will create extensive blowing and low visibility.