Apple cider prices double


et ready to pay a lot more this year for a fall favorite drink.
The costs of apple cider is expected to take a huge jump this year because of a bad year for certain apples.


I think it's going to be real shock to see cider at a much different price point than what most people are used to in
Northern Michigan," Friske Orchards owner Richard Friske said.


Friske says shoppers can expect apple cider prices to jump from $2.50 to $5.00 per half gallon. Friske Orchardsis not making gallon jugs this year, because there are simply not enough apples.


The price of juice apples is so high it is just driving up the cost and making cider up to the point where the price is going to be higher than it's ever been before

," Friske said.


rices look to nearly double but it's not going to stop some people from enjoying their favorite fall treat


I don't think the prices wouldn't deter me from buying just because I enjoy the great taste, things like apple cider only comes along with once a year so I'm probably going to buy no matter what the price is

," Apple cider buyer Jane Darwin said.


thers say they might just cut back.


We always go to every market we can get an
apple cider from usually stock up on a lot. But without being in a gallons its like ugh, I don't want to spent five dollars and half a gallon's expensive. But I'll probably buy a little bit, just not as much as usual," Apple cider buyer Ashley Plichta said.


Orchards usually produces 50,000 gallons of cider a year. Now they will only make half of that because of the apple shortage.


We're hoping that people will still be able to enjoy cider but frankly there's just not nearly as much cider to go around so I don't think cleary people are not going to drink as much lighter as they usually do in the fall

," Friske explained.

The farm

says gallon jugs will be hard to come by when you make a trip to the store

and even if you do find one

, it will likely be around $9.00.