Approaching warm front to bring a few storms to area

A nice day Tuesday will give way to increasing chances for showers/thunderstorms Wednesday as a warm front approaches.

Nearly full sunshine Tuesday will give up ground to some clouds and by Wednesday, showers and thunderstorms.

We will be able to squeeze in a dry day Tuesday with only a few late day high wispy cirrus clouds drifting in. Although winds will be from the northeast, temperatures should climb into the 50's for most spots although winds right along the Great Lakes will turn onshore keeping the immediate lakeshore areas in the 40's.

The big player in our weather across Northern Michigan this week is a warm front that separates record heat over the Southern Plains from the cooler weather we have locally. As an example, Wichita, Kansas (south of this front) is forecasted to hit 99F Tuesday afternoon shattering a record high there with mid-80's as far north as Southern Illinois.

That front will get a push northward moving from Southern Indiana to Southern Michigan Tuesday night into Wednesday. This will touch off thunderstorms late Tuesday night which will lift into parts of Northern/Central Michigan Wednesday. Some of these will linger into Thursday with that warm front making it as far north as the Straits region by Thursday where it will get hung up.

That will set up a huge temperature contrast over our viewing area. While many spots will be in the 50's/60's Wednesday, by Thursday, temperatures will range from the mid/upper-40's (north of the front in the Eastern U.P.) to mid/upper-70's across our southern counties. Showers and thunderstorms will remain in the forecast both Thursday and Friday before a weak cold front pushes them out of the area by the weekend. At this point, severe weather is not anticipated, but a few storms could drop some hail or have gusty winds.