Are TART trail walkers taking caution after recent attacks?

Just more than a day after an attempted abduction of a teenage girl, some TART Trail walkers are beginning to take extra precautions.

"I always have my phone with me just in case anything would happen I am able to call whoever I need to call. I don't always have my pepper spray with me but because of the news yesterday I did make sure that I have that with me today," TART Trail walker Cathy Vanderwall said.

The last three incidents at the trail have all had female victims. That's why Mike Dell says he isn't concerned about his safety, but he is keeping an open eye to make sure others are safe.

"You know I'm always looking out for other people but as far as I'm concerned I don't think anyone is going to mess with me but I wouldnt send my wife out there by herself right now," Dell said.

The Grand Traverse County Sheriff told 7&4 news that at this was an isolated incident and is not a threat to the community.