Attendance 'close to normal' at Manton schools after last week's threat

Police presence could be seen at Manton Community Schools Friday after a threat was found on a bathroom wall.

Attendance is back to "close to normal" after last week's threat at Manton Community Schools.

Superintendent Mark Parsons said Monday that attendance is close to normal and everyone is "doing fine" following Friday's threat that was found scribbled on a bathroom wall. The message was found nearly a week and a half earlier, but referenced Friday and said that someone would come to the school and "hurt people."

On Friday, only slightly more than 200 of the 931 students showed up for school despite classes continuing as scheduled. Manton Police and deputies from the Wexford County Sheriff's Office were at the school on Friday. Administrators also stood guard at the locked doors.

Parsons said the investigation into who is responsible for the threat is continuing and that they are "getting closer."