Attorney General kicks off campaign amidst protests

Gay marriage supporters stood outside Schuette's event, criticizing the Attorney General for appealing a federal judge's ruling regarding the Marriage Amendment.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette was in Traverse City Wednesday meeting with several groups as part of his reelection campaign.

Itâ??s part of a four-day tour of the state. The tour kicked off Monday in Schuetteâ??s hometown of Midland. Wednesday, he visited Ludington, Cadillac, and Traverse City. He will finish the trip with stops in the Upper Peninsula Thursday.

The Attorney General spoke to a crowded room at the Cambria Suites reinforcing the work he's done throughout his first term as a â??voice for victims,â?? highlighting issues like the fungal meningitis outbreak, human trafficking, and rape kit testing.

Most recently, Schuette requested the stay and an appeal of a federal judge's ruling regarding the Marriage Amendment, something 2.7 million Michigan voters approved in 2004.

Schuette said his record speaks for itself. He does not think the gay marriage issue will affect his chances for reelection.

â??Constitutions aren't like the buffet line at a restaurant where you can pick and choose,â?? said Bill Schuette. â??Constitutions are meant to be enforced and I'm going to do my duty and uphold the constitution.â??

Several people met outside the event Wednesday to protest the Attorney Generalâ??s actions regarding the Marriage Amendment.

The protestors were representing the United Church of Christ, one of the churches that promotes marriage equality.

They said they stand for marriage equality and love equality, and Schuetteâ??s actions could make or break their vote.

â??When it comes to why we're out here tonight and the things like that, that definitely would affect whether or not I vote for him,â?? said Kelly Clobus of Traverse City. â??Absolutely.â??

Schuette said the Supreme Court will likely have the final ruling in the case. He would also stand behind voters if they were to lift the ban in a coming election.