Attorney: Morales' baby alive when ambulance arrived

Morales' defense attorney Jesse Williams said baby was alive when emergency responders arrived at campground.

New details are coming out in the case of Alyce Morales, the 18-year-old Illinois woman accused of murder in the death of her newborn girl last month.

Investigators say Morales gave birth to the baby at the Platte River Campground in Benzie County.

The baby was taken to Munson Hospital where she later died.

Morales' defense attorney Jesse Williams said EMS reports indicate the baby was alive and well when emergency responders arrived at the campground.

He also said emergency responders did not have a sense of urgency when transporting the mother and the baby to Munson Medical Center.

According to Williams, when the baby was evaluated at Munson doctors initially did not see any signs of foul play.

"All we know is that a young person had a baby by herself in a dark tent in a campground and that baby was born alive," said Williams. "And upon initial response by medical personnel she seemed to be alive and well and unfortunately she did pass away."

Williams is also disputing sheriff's reports that the family didn't know Morales was pregnant.

7&4 News contacted Sara Swanson the Benzie County Prosecutor who says she does have the EMS reports but has not yet looked over them.

The case will be back in court later this month.