Baby born on Shepler's Mackinac Island Ferry

Shelper's made a baby basket for the newborn Paige.

A couple from Mackinac Island is celebrating the birth of their baby girl who was remarkably born on the ferry docks in Mackinaw City.

Just moments before an ambulance arrived, baby Paige was born at the Shepler's landing. Employees of Shepler's say the couple boarded the ferry Thursday night knowing the baby was coming.

Luckily, an OBGYN was onboard who helped deliver the baby moments after the boat docked.

"We had a ferry unload guy come up and saying we have a medical emergency going on... threw money in our window and took off running," says Tracy Thornton, Shepler's Ferry Company Ticketer. "Next thing I hear there's a lady giving birth in the parking lot right outside the e-tics window right in this area."

"They get on the boat and things progressed a little quicker than they had anticipated," says Chris Shepler, Shepler's Ferry Company President. "And luckily enough there was an OBGYN onboard. What are the chances right? Then she took over from there."

Baby Paige was born six weeks earlier than her parents expected. Baby Paige is at Munson Medical Center in Traverse City.

The baby was given Shelper's very first 'Gold Pass'. This means that Paige will ride free her entire life.