Baby shaker sentenced to 5-10 years

Steven Lawrence Cronk, 27, of Boyne City, was sentenced on the charge of second degree child abuse.

The man who shook his three-month-old baby causing permanent mental damage will spend 5-10 years in prison.

Steven Lawrence Cronk, 27, of Boyne City,
was sentenced on the charge of second degree child abuse Friday in Charlevoix County Circuit Court.

According to the prosecutor,

back on July 12th, 2013 the child was alone with Cronk and her young siblings at the time the injuries occurred.

According to court documents, a 911 call was made requesting an ambulance due to a three-month-old baby not breathing. Paramedics arrived and found the child in distress and not breathing.

The child was taken to McLaren Hospital in Petoskey then airlifted to DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids.

A pediatrician at the hospital said theere was definite signs of pediatric physical abuse. There were signs of severe whiplash injury that can occur through violent shaking, shaking ending with impact, or single violent maneuvers ending with impact.

According to the baby's mother Katie Eaton, the baby has permanent mental damage that will effect her for the rest of her life.

Speaking at sentencing, Eaton said her daughter "will most likely never be able to walk or talk. She will never be able to smile and all of the things that make up an individual are gone."

After the sentencing, Eaton said she felt the prison time wasn't enough to make up for the damage done to her daughter.

"No words will ever express the pain (Cronk) has caused me and my family," Eaton said. "The damage has caused to (the child are) unforgiveable. (She) has suffered every day from his assault. He may only have a few years to pay for his crime, but (she) will be paying for it the rest of her life."

"What he has done and caused her for the rest of her life, 5-10 years is not nearly enough," Eaton said.