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      Babysitter saves three boys from fire

      14-year-old Morgan Haywood was babysitting Rod and Raquel Oden's three boys when the smoke detectors sounded.

      She got a hold of the boys, headed outside and called 911.

      â??She's not just a hero she's an angel. She acted in our stead when we weren't there. I mean you can't ask more of anybody,â?? said Rod Oden, father of the rescued boys. â??Because of her actions our family, our house and our belongings are all pretty much safe.â??

      All this happened on Morgan's first day babysitting the kids on her own.

      â??I never would've thought it would happen on your first day or anything but it does happen,â?? said babysitter Morgan Haywood. â??You've got to expect the worst.â??

      In a time of chaos, Morgan is happy with her reaction.

      â??I'm very proud of myself with what I've done. People keep telling me I did a good job.â??

      Smoke detectors are being credited for saving their lives.

      â??Thank gosh for smoke detectors. It was the smoke detectors that went off that set [Morgan] off,â?? said Raquel Jackmond, mother of the rescued boys.

      â??If you hear that smoke detector you call us right away. It gives us the advantage to do our job. Gets people out of the house,â?? said David Bachman, the Manistee Director of Public Safety.