Back to the 70s tomorrow

The rain will move off to the east overnight. Most of it is over by midnight. Fog may form in your neighborhood. Lows will be in the 42 to 55 degree range.

We'll start Saturday with clouds and patchy fog. The clouds will break, and the fog will lift. Thru the morning it will turn sunny. Afternoon highs will be in the 70s. Wind 5-15 mph from the east.

Saturday night will be partly cloudy and mild. Lows in the 50s. Light wind.

Sunday we'll see some sun for a while, but clouds start to get thicker and more widepsread. Highs in the 70s. In the afternoon there is a chance of rain on the Lake Michigan side of the Lower Peninsula. Sunday night...the chance of rain, you might hear thunder.

More showers and thunderstorms Monday.