Back to wintry conditions...with some high wind

Tonight, light precipitation. Light rain, light snow, light freezing rain...but just light amounts will make roads slippery. A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for all of us in northern Michigan until 7 PM Friday.

Conditions will change. This mix in the early evening will change to all rain for a while. You might hear thunder! Thunderstorms are possible. As the temperature falls overnight, the rain changes to snow.

Tomorrow will be colder, so just mix. We'll see up to 2 inches of snow on Friday.

Now, the wind. I think this is the big problem...or could be. The wind will increase overnight and gust over 30 mph. On Friday, wind gusts from the southwest will reach to 40 mph in many towns...and up to 50 mph along Lake Michigan, near the bridge, and at higher spots in the terrain.