Bank proposes partial fill of Petoskey Pointe pit

Petoskey Point, which was planned as a hotel and condo complex, has sat vacant for six years.

The growing frustrations over Petoskey's largest eyesore continue.

The City of Petoskey received a letter from Northwestern Bank, which owns the Petoskey Pointe property, outlining a plan to temporarily fix current structural issues.

The letter, and the subsequent letter from the City of Petoskey to the bank, state that the unfinished walls on the property are significant public concerns that must be addressed. The city urged the bank to take immediate action to make the property safe and structurally sound.

Northwestern Bank commissioned a soil engineering company to draft a plan to fix these issues. The company proposes that the hole is partially filled with sand to help support the retaining walls.

The plan also calls for additional work to be done at the top of the walls to stop erosion.

In the city's letter, they also requested the bank addresses the fences that surround the property. The letter stated that there is no current provisions allowing the large fences to surround the property when there is no construction work being done. This issue was not addressed in the letter from the bank to the city.

This plan was brought up at Monday's City Council meeting where the response to the letter was mixed. While this does provide a temporary solution, some council members called the plan "unacceptable."

Petoskey Pointe, which was once a planned hotel and condominium complex, has sat vacant for six years. There is no timeline set for when it will be filled, sold, or developed.