Bank robbery in Osceola County

Police are looking for two armed suspects who they say robbed the Citizen Bank in the Osceola County community of Leroy.

The bank is located on Mackinaw Trail, and although this is the third robbery at this location, the police don't think the other two robberies are related to this incident.

The two suspects have been described as younger white males. Both were dressed in hoodie sweatshirts (one maroon, one brown) and both wore dark colored masks with white markings to cover their faces. One carried a long gun and the other a large knife.

The pair walked from the south right into the bank and up to the tellers. When leaving, they stole a bank employees car - a maroon 2001 Saturn 4-door with the license plate BVV1557. They drove the car approximately two miles from the bank before ditching it on 15 Mile Rd. about 1/4 mile from W. Mackinaw Trail, and getting into a getaway car. The police found the car about twenty minutes after the robbery.

The Osceola County Sheriff, James Crawford, stated "What we're hoping for is someone out there in the public saw the maroon vehicle when it left the bank- and maybe got a look at it or maybe drove down that road and saw the vehicle that they possibly got in and left in."

At this time the Osceloa County Police, the Lake County Police, the MI State Police posts from Cadillac and Mt. Pleasant, and also the FBI are going to assist in the investigation. They do not know at this time where the suspects fled to.

If you have any information call the Osceloa Sheriff's Office at 231-832-2288 or the State Police. There is a reward offered for information in this case.