Battle of seasons this weekend...thunder and snow

Scattered, light rain showers will move across the region this evening. Temperatures will fall to around freezing overnight. The atmosphere is set up to produce MOSTLY rain, but if you see a flake of snow or an ice pellet...don't be surprised.

Rain showers tomorrow. Most of the rain will fall in the afternoon and evening. And Saturday night you might hear thunder...thunderstorms with lightning and downpours are possible. Up to 3 inches of rain could fall this weekend. That's significant, and could contribute to flooding. Highs will range from the 40s in the U.P. to near 70 around Mt. Pleasant. Southeast wind 5-15 mph.

Sunday...cooler, more clouds, more rain showers. Highs will be 5 to 10 degrees cooler than Saturday. Wind 5-15 mph will turn to the north. Sunday night as temperatures fall again, look for a mix of rain and snow.

Monday we'll see highs in the 30s, snow, and wind gusts over 25 mph.