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      Beaches left trashed after holiday weekend

      About a dozen Cherry Festival volunteers spent their Sunday morning cleaning up West End Beach in Traverse City after the Fourth of July weekend left the beach covered in trash.

      â??This is the time of the year for us and our properties, our stores,â?? said Cherry Festival volunteer Angela Ward. â??Everything needs to be picked up and clean so people want to keep returning.â??

      A picture of the trash posted on our UpNorthLive Facebook page from the Fourth of July had people outraged as to why some didn't clean up after themselves.

      â??I was born and raised here like a lot of locals have been,â?? said Ward. â??This event has been going on for 88 years, why ruin that? Everybody take responsibility for your own trash.â??

      But city employees along with the festival organizers were prepared for the clean-up.

      â??We had a great kick off weekend,â?? said Cherry Festival director Trevor Tkach. â??Obviously a lot of people are in town having fun, and people do leave behind trash unfortunately so we feel it's our responsibility to get down there, clean up and chip in.â??

      The festival does have extra trash cans set up during the week. But Tkach said with so many people in town, the mess is hard to avoid.

      â??We are working diligently both night and day make sure the beach is clean and if you go down there right now I think you'll see a very nicely groomed beach,â?? said Tkach.

      He said he hopes the community will help keep the beaches clean as well.

      â??It is our town and we should all chip in and work together to keep it clean,â?? said Tkach.

      The Cherry Festival volunteers are also working this week to clean up downtown Traverse City and The Open Space.