Bear caught on camera during road patrol

A Sergeant with the Mason County Sheriff's Office caught some wildlife on his in-car camera during a patrol last Tuesday.

The bear was caught crossing East Hawley by the Whiskey Creek entrance in Walhalla around 11pm.

In Michigan, bears typically enter their den by December and come out in late March or April.

According to the Department of Natural Resources, bears are generally fearful of humans and will leave if they are aware of your presence. In the rare circumstance that you encounter a bear that does not turn and leave, first try to scare it off by yelling while leaving a clear, unobstructed escape route for the bear. If the bear stands its ground, makes threatening sounds or bluff charges, you are too close. Take slow steps backward while continuing to talk to the bear in a stern tone. In the rare event of an attack, fight back with a backpack, stick or your bare hands.