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      Benzie County citizens protest property code law and win

      More than 100 people showed up at the Benzie County Commission meeting Tuesday to protest a property code law.

      Itâ??s called the International Property Maintenance Code and Benzie County Commissioners thought it was the "legal weapon" they needed to get rid of old buildings in the County. But instead, it created a whole lot of controversy amongst community members.

      But not all the commissioners read the 35 page code before passing it into law. However, Benzie County Commission Chair Donald Tanner read it and didn't like what he saw. Tanner says, â??There were not just structural issues, there were issues of grass cutting and paint chipping --things that, the code went too far into peoples lives for me to support it.â??

      With the heavy opposition at Tuesdayâ??s meeting, the Benzie County Commissioners took the law off the books and that means people in downtown Honor will still have several old, run-down buildings to look at in the community.

      Commissioners say they will continue to look for ways to deal with buildings that need to be either torn down or developed. They say one solution is to possibly use Brownfield Redevelopment money.