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      Black Friday shoppers get an early start with Thanksgiving Day deals

      In anticipation of the largest shopping event of the year, m any large retail chains are opening up early for Black Friday.

      Many are opening up at six this evening and s ome have had sales earlier in the day . This is all an effort to make up for lost time this holiday season.

      " It was on our way to celebrating Thanksgiving so was just a stop along the way ," Barbara Penfold, Thanksgiving day shopper said.

      S ome shoppers were able to sneak away before Thanksgiving dinner to take advantage of some early bird deals.

      " If it were standing in the way of a family activity , I normally wouldn't do it , but fortunately it consequently comes along with getting other grocery items ," Justin Koetje, Thanksgiving day shopper said.

      T he large retail chains have pushed Black Friday into Thursday to make up for a shorter shopping season.

      " We have six less shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year," Krystal St. John, Walmart's Petoskey Store Manager said.

      A nd while these early deals may seem like a necessity , n ationally it has received some backlash .

      E arly shopping means millions of employees around the country have had to step away from family time for work. Many of the stores say they have tried their best to make it up to the workers by offering additional benefits for working the holiday.

      And w hile many dedicated shoppers will wait in the long lines and enjoy the chaos of Black Friday, some decided to take their chances on early deals to beat the crowd.

      " Today it's not really too busy , so we are actually beating some of the shoppers for tomorrow," Michael Mallory, Thanksgiving day shopper said.