Black ice leads to numerous accidents

Lake effect rain/snow Tuesday night allowed for black ice to form leading to some accidents Wednesday morning.

A bad combination of temperatures near freezing along with lake effect rain and snow/showers led to numerous accidents across a few counties Wednesday morning.

The bulk of the accident reports came from Otsego and Kalkaska counties where a thin layer of black ice formed on pavement with temperatures hovering around the 30F earlier Wednesday morning. In fact, there were even a few power outages due to accidents taking down powerlines. Black ice is hard to see visually and it does not take much to create slippery conditions.

As temperatures gradually warm back into the low/mid-40's Wednesday afternoon, any icing will melt, although it could redevelop Wednesday night with temperatures again down close to freezing.

Lake effect rain/snow showers will continue all the way through Friday morning downwind of Lakes Superior/Michigan with a couple of additional inches of snow forecasted in the lake prone snowbelts. Any lake rain/snow showers will end midday Friday as winds turn southwesterly ahead of our next weather disturbance that will bring some light rain to the region to start our weekend on Saturday.

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