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      Boardman Lake Trail construction begins in Traverse City

      Traverse City will be transforming strips of land into public trails as part of the Boardman Lake Trail expansion project between 10th Street and 14th Street.

      "Well I'm very excited about it,â?? Lake Ridge Condominiums resident Bonnie Willings says. â??We take the park trail a lot and right now we have to go on a gravel trail that gets kind of ruddy and dusty, so I'm really glad about having a good trail.â??

      The expansion will extend existing trails that include both a long trail along the lake front and the upland trail. Expansion also includes a small recreation area with a gazebo and a deck and dock with a kayak watercraft launch that will be just north of the Lake Ridge Condominiums.

      Willings says 14th Street has always extended to the lake and has public access, but it was never developed so a lot of people didnâ??t know it was there.

      She says there are some people who are concerned about privacy but still thinks it will be a huge edition to the condominium and the community.

      The project hasnâ??t only excited the community, even those involved in construction are eager to have things take off.

      "The exciting part for me is that when you write a grant it's just a concept or idea.â?? says Traverse City Planning and Engineering Assistant Missy Luick, â??Then the project went through engineering design and now it's been awarded and they're probably digging in the ground already so it's finally a project."

      With the ribbon cut only a few months away, Luick is hoping to have this be the start for others to get involved with completing the trail around the entire lake.

      Luikc says it will require them to partner with Garfield Township to the south, with the county, with tart trails and others to keep momentum going forward and to come up with a community vision.The engineering department also thanks everyone for their patience and cooperation as this project gets underway.