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      Body found in vehicle following fire

      The State Fire Marshal will be investigating a vehicle fire after a body was found inside.

      Crews were called to the fire around 2:30 a.m. Monday after a passerby reported the fire. They say it exploded shortly after they arrived.

      Authorities arrived to find the car, on M-115 near Erwin in Cleon Township, fully engulfed in flames.

      The Manistee County Sheriff's Office reports one person was found inside.

      The body was badly burned beyond facial recognition. Authorities are trying to determine the gender and identity. The body is being sent to Grand Rapids for an autopsy to identify the victim and determine the cause of death.

      "We'll have a better handle on the cause of death and a little bit better idea of what happened," said Sheriff Dale Kowalkowski.

      Deputies say the car had a Tennessee license plate, but information inside the car indicates another state.

      They do not know why the person was in the area.

      Authorities are still trying to determine the cause of the fire, but do not believe it started as the result of an engine problem.

      No other details are being released at this time of the investigation. Manistee County deputies are working with investigators from Tennessee to figure it out. They will not say whether or not they think it is suspicious.