Body of missing Isabella County child found

Update: 20-year-old Anthony Bennett was charged Friday afternoon with assaulting his girlfriend's 4-year-old son whose family says was found dead under a porch in Isabella County.

Bennett asked for a court appointed lawyer and is currently in police custody.

Bennett lived with Carnel Chamberlain and his mother on tribal land. Bennett was watching the boy while his mother was working on June 21, the night he disappeared.

For days, investigators searched woods, ponds and the tribe's wastewater treatment areas to no avail. Family spokesman Kevin Chamberlain said Carnel's body was discovered on Thursday.

Bennett is not charged in Carnel's death. You can read the full criminal complaint by clicking here .


The body of missing Isabella County four-year-old Carnell Chamberlain has been found.

Family spokesperson, Kevin Chamberlain, confirms that Carnell's body was found sometime between 5:30 and 6:30 pm on Thursday evening. He was reportedly found under the front or back porch of his home and had been badly burned.

The young Isabella County boy had been missing since last Thursday night. Carnell was supposed to be in the care of Anthony Bennett, the boy's mother's now ex-boyfriend, when he went missing on Thursday. The mother then called police to start the search.

Both Carnell's mother and Bennett were brought in for questioning last Friday. The mother took a polygraph test and everything looked normal. Bennett refused to take the test. According to a spokesperson from the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, "he was playing games with authorities."

Monday morning Bennett was brought in to police authorities under a different arrest warrant. There were pictures taken and he reportedly had scratches on his arms. Bennett is considered a person of interest in the case and is in police custody according to sources.