Bouncing temperatures

Temperatures will bounce around the next 2 days.

Friday...we'll see lots highs in the 30s...and in a few towns it will climb into the low 40s. However, we'll be looking at clouds above us most of the day, and there is a chance you will see showers. It could be rain or snow or depends on the temperature at the time. Amounts of whatever falls should be light.

Friday night, the temperatures will fall below freezing, and we'll see snow showers.

Saturday, the sun returns, but the temperatures will fall. Highs will stay in the 20s and low 30s...about 10 degrees colder than Friday despite the sun coming out.

The main reason for the bouncing thermometer readings is the wind. Friday's wind will come from the south and boost our temperature. Saturday it turns to the north and brings colder air in from Canada.