Bound for Boston: Getting off on the right foot

Thanks to slow motion video analysis, the experts at Excel Rehab and Excelerate Run were able to discover a few things I need to work on to stay injury free as I am Bound for Boston. / Courtesy: Excelerate Run/Excel Rehab

This April, our evening anchor Marc Schollett will be taking part in the Boston Marathon. It's been a 16 year long mission for Marc to qualify for the race, and after a successful run at the 2013 Bayshore Marathon, he is finally headed east to take part in the event!

Even before he logged his first training miles, the experts at Excelerate Run wanted to make sure Marc wasn't headed towards an injury down the road. They gave Marc a complete once-over checking his balance and muscle function, before putting him on a treadmill for some slow motion video analysis.

Their trained eyes spotted several little things about his running form that if addressed now should keep him running through the Bayshore! Little adjustments could make a big difference over months of training.

The video analysis is part of the Excerlate Run program that is open to runners of all ages and levels. Whether you are just starting out, or looking to run your fastest race to date, there are things that you can do stay healthy, and improve your performance at the same time.