Boy alerts mom of fire at neighbor's home

Neighbors saw flames and smoke when they walked out the door.

A fire destroyed a mobile home at the Cherrywood Village Mobile Home Park in the village of Kingsley.

A 47-year-old man is being treated for life-threatening injuries at Munson Medical Center.

Andrew Tokarzewski, an eighth grader in Kingsley was the first to see the smoke and flames coming from his neighborâ??s home. He and his mother, Tammy Lappo, were getting ready to leave at the time. She said sheâ??s thankful they were still around to call 911.

As they were getting ready to head into Traverse City, Lappoâ??s son alerter her that something was wrong.

â??Oh my god, mom, look! There were flames coming out the living room window. I said get my phone. He grabbed the phone and I called 911 right away,â?? Lappo recalled.

â??The couch was on fire right there by the window,â?? said Tokarzewski. â??I almost went and beat down the door, but the door was smoking. So I stayed away from it.â??

The Grand Traverse Rural Fire Department responded to the fire in about six minutes.

Lappoâ??s daughter told her she thought there was someone in the house that was engulfed in flames.

â??We found an individual in the kitchen area unconscious, but alive,â?? said Fire Chief Theo Weber. â??We retrieved him out of the building. He's at Munson now.â??

A woman also lives at the house. She was not home at the time of the fire, but was notified. She went to meet the victim at the hospital.

Weber said the injuries are life-threatening and that the man suffered sever smoke inhalation.

â??They're a really nice couple, I hope everything's ok,â?? said Lappo. â??Nobody else is home around here. I thank God that we were because it could have been a lot worse.â??

The fire chief said the house is considered a complete loss.

Neighbors are on edge.

â??Itâ??s really scary. It's going to be a sleepless night. It's pretty close,â?? said Lappo.

â??I've seen stuff like that before, but I never thought that would happen,â?? said Tokarzewski.

Firefighters were able to rescue one cat from the home. Three were killed.

The fire is still under investigation.