Boyne City begins goal-setting session for 2012

Boyne City leaders tell us they want to keep the ball rolling.

Right now, the city is working on a short-list of community goals for its future.

Several goals Boyne City set the last time have been met, but there's still a lot of work to do as they move forward.

Boyne City City Manager Mike Cain believes the future is now for city leaders in the small Charlevoix County community.

"If the economy takes a turn for the worst again, we have a variety of things to go on, it's not all tied with the auto industry per say, or something like that, or all tourism," says Cain.

The city wants community members to give their ideas of what they want improved, whether it includes a new dog park or improved drinking water, to set the foundation for a new list of 2012 goals.

This is a process that happens every two to three years. The last this that was put together was in 2010. One of the major items was the restoration of the Dilworth Inn, the number one item was the creation of jobs, and the sustainability for families in the area. Cain says they've done pretty well doing that.

Precision Edge Surgical Supplies Company has made a $5.8 million investment in the city's Air Industrial Park and the company is expected to hire more than 100 employees in the next five years. Kirtland Products is settling into the community and hired 15 people to help produce wood pellets.

â??If you don't plan for your future, then you just take whatever comes your way. This allows us to focus our resources and our energies in a way people want," says Cain.

50 community members jumped on board last night for a community forum to discuss goals. Next, residents who didn't make it to the meeting will be asked to submit ideas through the internet or on a piece of paper.

"You have to be progressive, you have to move forward. You learn from your past mistakes and continue on, you have to look to the future, always," says resident Yolanda Pethers.

A short-list of feasible goals will be put in place by city commissioners once all ideas are in.

You can submit suggestions by emailing or write in to the city: City of Boyne City, 319 North Lake St., Boyne City, MI 49712. There will also be a place to submit ideas on the Boyne City website sometime next week.