Boyne City man dies from injuries days after alleged fight with family member

William Grice, 26, was taken to Charlevoix Area Hospital on Sunday by family members eight hours after an "incident" had taken place at his home.

A Boyne City man died from his injuries Tuesday two days after an alleged altercation with a family member.

â??We believe there was an altercation with another family member and that may have resulted in his injury,â?? said Don Schneider, Charlevoix County Sheriff. â??There was also some indication that he may have fallen at one point.â??

According to the Charlevoix County Sheriff's Office, William Grice, 26, was taken to Charlevoix Area Hospital on Sunday by his parents eight hours after an "incident" had taken place at his home.

Grice was later taken to McLaren Northern Michigan in Petoskey where he underwent emergency surgery.

He died on December 23 from his injuries and not December 24 as previously reported by the Charlevoix Sheriffs Office.

The sheriffâ??s office was called about the situation by hospital staff, which is something they are required to do in cases like this one.

â??Incidents like this, where they suspect there may have been an assault, highway accidents that arenâ??t reported directly to us, but show up at the hospital to be treated for injuries, they may have had during a car crash or ATV, these are things the hospital has to report to us to make sure we know about it,â?? explained Schneider.

The sheriff's office is trying to determine why and how Grice received severe head trauma. There is no word yet as to whether the injuries were accidental or the result of a crime.

The investigation is ongoing. The Sheriff's Office believes alcohol was a contributing factor.

A forensic exam is underway in Grand Rapids.

The Charlevoix County prosecuting attorney received the preliminary police report Friday, but said he won't consider filing any charges until the results are in from Grand Rapids and further investigating has been done.

A memorial service for William Grice will be held Monday morning at St. Matthews church in Boyne City.

â??My heart goes out to the family in this instance. They've lost a son and it's just sadâ??more sad this time of year than any other,â?? said Schneider.

The Sheriff's Office is not releasing further information at this time.