Brothers arrested on charges of inciting a riot and assault on a police officer

Derek Krawcyzk

Update, Friday, 1:15 PM: Kyle and Derek Krawcyzk had their video arraignment this morning in circuit court. Police say they have posted bond.

A pre-trial has been set for July 26th.


A large crowd gathered around Traverse City police officers as they arrested two brothers on multiple charges Wednesday night in the 100 block of North Union Street.

Officers say it all started when they observed a suspect using vulgar language as he attempted to sell CD's.

They say the suspect also used obscenities when a mother asked him to stop using that type of language around her children.

When police asked the suspect to stop using vulgar language, they say he refused and they told the suspect he was being placed under arrest.

According to police reports the suspect resisted arrest and was subdued by the use of a taser.

As police escorted the suspect away, they say his brother approached officers telling them they were not going to arrest his brother and this was police brutality.

Officers say the brother then swung at an officer and attempted to run.

He was tackled and taken into custody on North Union across from an entrance to the National Cherry Festival.

The first suspect, a 21 year old Traverse City man, was arrested for inciting a riot, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

The second suspect, a 22 year old Traverse City man, was arrested for assault on a police officer and resisting arrest.