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      Budget proposals to boost DNR law enforcement

      Department of Natural Resources Lieutenant David Shaw is applauding Governor Snyderâ??s budget proposal, which includes funding for 41 new DNR conservation officers.

      â??Conservation officers are fully sworn State peace officers. They don't only enforce regulations dealing with hunting and fishing, but they enforce regulations dealing with all crimes in the state of Michigan. They are a real valuable part of the public safety network in the state,â?? Shaw said.

      According to Shaw, 25 of the 41 new DNR conservation officers would be paid for with general fund dollars.

      The other 16 would be funded though hunting and fishing license revenue, if the current budget passes.

      Other Environmental budget items include:

      - $97 million in bond proceeds for the Department of Environmental Equality to issue grants and low-interest loans to municipalities across the state to improve water quality.

      - $3 million in bond proceeds to establish a wetland mitigation bank funding program.

      - $2.5 million of refined petroleum funds for environmental contamination cleanup work at leaking underground storage tank sites.

      Click here to look at Governor Snyderâ??s complete budget proposal.