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      Cadillac family finds black bear in tree in backyard

      A black bear yearling had to be tranquilized to be taken down from a tree in the backyard of a Cadillac home.

      The homeowners on Alexander Road saw the bear in their backyard around 6:30 this morning and called 911. The Fire Department, City Police and the Department of Natural Resources responded to the call and found the bear in a tree.

      Officials say the black bear is a male yearling, which means it is in it's second year of life, and was kicked out of the den early this spring so the mother could mate.

      Officials at the scene said the bear was "comfortable" in the tree and didn't want to come down.

      After getting two shots with a tranquilizer, the bear fell asleep and officials put a harness on it and lowered it down the tree.

      Crews on the scene monitored the bear's vitals and gave it oxygen. It will now be taken back to the station, given a health check and tattoo for monitoring, then released 50 miles away on public land.